About Us


Hell Robotics is for students who are passionate about science and technology.  We were founded in September 2017, and we participated in the 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition as the first Norwegian team ever! Hell Robotics was founded with the aim that Hell Robotics will be a sustainable team and last for several generations in the future.

Between seasons we work in the local community to spread the spirit of FIRST, in a country where it isn’t as widespread as in many other countries. In the 2019 season we traveled to the United States and participated in both Long Island regionals!

In October 2019 we participated in FIRST Global Challenge 2019 in Dubai and our alliance WON the challenge. We were competing with 190 teams from 190 countries.

FIRST Robotics Competition 2020 season was cancelled due to the Corona virus, and the 2021 season became a online-only competition. We did not participate in the 2021 season, but some of us were judges.

Want to join us? We NEED NEW MEMBERS in ages 15 to 18, so please have a look at this page.