Team Norway 2019 🇳🇴

Team Norway consist of five students and two mentors from Stjørdal, Norway. We were founded in September 2017, and we participated in the 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition as the first Norwegian team ever! It was a great experience and Hell Robotics actually won the Creativity Award in this competition.

This year’s team is composed of:

Elias Gylland (Team Captain/Builder) is very interested in the field of biology and is pursuing a career in Marine Biology.

Kristian Stue Grav (Chief mechanic) is a dedicated mechanic who has a keen interest in technology and mechanics. He is an apprentice as a process plumber at TINE dairy Tunga and wants to develop his expertise in process and automation.

Andrea Schiefloe (sponsorship administrator/builder) is very interested in technology and innovation. She would like to pursue a career in computer science and or neuroscience.

Sivert Sorte (Driver/builder) is very interested in the field of electronics, and is persuing a career in electronic engineering.

Petter Schefte Myran (spokesperson/builder) is a committed student who shares the team’s passion towards science and technology. He is currently a power-supply fitter apprentice, but strives towards a field of work within development of design and technology.

Our team has two mentors, Roar Brekken and Signe Fernes Kjøpsnes. Two dedicated instructors that pushes us to always do our best!

We are thrilled about going to Dubai and we will do our very best to represent Norway in the 2019 FIRST Global Challenge!